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Posted on January 17, 2024  •  1 minutes  • 184 words

I’m Savithri Rao, your Mangalore Mom. I’ve been weaving kitchen magic for over 28 years! My culinary journey is deeply rooted in the love I have for my mom’s cooking, and I strive to infuse that same warmth into every dish I create. Passion fuels everything I do, especially my commitment to healthy living. I believe in savoring nutritious meals, maintaining a serene mind with positive vibes, and embracing the holistic goodness of yoga.

As a member of the Mangalore Brahmin community, my food is a reflection of my roots. While Mangalorean cuisine often brings to mind images of seafood, I’m excited to shine a spotlight on the rich vegetarian heritage it boasts. This platform is my way of sharing the flavors of Mangalore, one wholesome recipe at a time.

Whether you’re here to recreate a taste of Mangalore or to introduce someone curious to our culinary world, I hope you find joy in these healthy yet simple recipes. Feel free to share this link, because nothing says love like passing on a piece of Mangalore! Thanks for joining me on this journey. 🌼✨

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Mangalore Mom

Mangalorean Vegetarian Food Made With Love